() A Czech woman who appeared to be having a hard time keeping her eyes open, struggling to stay awake, wandered too close to the edge of a Prague subway station’s platform and fell onto the tracks. Just seconds later, a train rolled into the station and over her. Amazingly, this story has a happy ending — as she survived.

The incident occurred Monday and was captured on the station’s CCTV cameras.

Footage from a distance and close up, shows the hooded woman having a hard time maintaining her balance and hovering around the dashed safety line for passengers to stand behind. Right as she gets daringly close to the edge, a fellow passenger finally reaches for her, but it’s too late.

It takes a few more seconds for others on the platform to spring into any sort of action, like telling the train conductor of what happened. But people can be seen checking out the area beneath the train where the woman fell.

The conductor emerges, runs over to where the woman is and appears to be speaking with her. Based on the movement of another member of the station’s staff along the train car, it seems that the woman crawled to a larger opening where she was then helped out from underneath.

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